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    Divorcing While Pregnant: Why the Courts should Consider a Pre-Parenting Plan

    November 7, 2022By Lydie Arakaza

    Pregnancy should be a happy time in a couple’s life; unfortunately, this is not always the case. While in many states divorcing can often assist spouses in escaping an abusive or toxic relationship, Florida courts have the discretion to postpone issuing a divorce judgment until the child is born.[i] Although Chapter 61 of the Florida […]

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    Family LawFlorida Law

    Bifurcation: A Word of Caution

    November 2, 2022By Casey Amaya

    Typically, in the State of Florida, when death occurs during a marriage, the spouse that outlives the decedent is known as a “surviving spouse.” However, when death occurs prior to a divorce decree, the common consensus in Florida is that death terminates the divorce proceeding.[i] Generally, the petition for dissolution of marriage becomes moot the […]

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    Family LawFeaturedFlorida Law

    Till Death “Due” Us “Apart”: A Call to Reform Florida’s Permanent Alimony Scheme

    March 23, 2022By Alison Andrade

    Imagine being a 72-year-old physician diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, who can no longer walk nor talk. Even though his illness mentally incapacitates him, he must continue to pay $25,200.00 annually pursuant to his ex-wife’s permanent alimony award even though she is a college professor who can likely support herself financially.[i] Alimony is the periodic payment […]

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