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    The Negative Impacts of the Child Support Standard for High-Income Earners in Florida

    April 26, 2023By Zachary Cohen

    Child support is a critical issue for families across Florida, and the state has a comprehensive system to ensure that children receive the support they need. However, the child support standard for high-income earners has been criticized and debated in recent years. In this article, we will explore some of the negative aspects of the […]

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    From Property to Family: Why Florida Should Assist Divorces with a Pet Custody Law

    March 20, 2023By Melissa Betancourt

    Divorces are a universally painful process that affects everyone involved. About 50% of all marriages result in a divorce.[i] While some cases achieve amicable resolutions between spouses, others result in lengthy battles over the custody of minor children and assets. Yet, there has been an increase in cases where couples—particularly those that are childless—view their […]

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    Divorcing While Pregnant: Why the Courts should Consider a Pre-Parenting Plan

    November 7, 2022By Lydie Arakaza

    Pregnancy should be a happy time in a couple’s life; unfortunately, this is not always the case. While in many states divorcing can often assist spouses in escaping an abusive or toxic relationship, Florida courts have the discretion to postpone issuing a divorce judgment until the child is born.[i] Although Chapter 61 of the Florida […]

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    Bifurcation: A Word of Caution

    November 2, 2022By Casey Amaya

    Typically, in the State of Florida, when death occurs during a marriage, the spouse that outlives the decedent is known as a “surviving spouse.” However, when death occurs prior to a divorce decree, the common consensus in Florida is that death terminates the divorce proceeding.[i] Generally, the petition for dissolution of marriage becomes moot the […]

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