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    “Who’s in Charge Here!?!”: Florida’s Jurisprudenceless Sixth DCA

    April 14, 2023By Robert A. Lawlor

    January 1st, 2023, marked the genesis of Florida’s newest intermediate appellate court, the Sixth District Court of Appeal (“DCA”).[i] In spectacular fashion, Florida’s judicial landscape changed overnight: circuit and county courts, once bound by Fifth District or Second District, now found themselves within the purview of the Sixth District. Before long, trial judges faced a […]

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    FeaturedLaw of Wartechnology

    Forging a Legal Shield: Arming CIA Drone Pilots with Immunity & Information

    April 12, 2023By Casey Amaya

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS), or drones, have become more prevalent in modern warfare. Countries like the United States that once raced for the development of the atomic bomb today load their arsenals with drones. This remote technology has since supplied participating governments with an edge to successfully combat attacks behind a screen miles away from […]

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    Constitutional LawFeatured

    Back in Style: Pay-to-Vote Systems

    April 10, 2023By Daniela Pachon

    In 2018, Florida voters amended their Constitution with 64.55% of the voting population to add a provision automatically restoring the franchise to felons who completed all the terms of their sentence.[i]  However, an unfortunate advisory opinion issued by the Florida Supreme Court crushed the hopes of thousands of felons seeking to restore their right to […]

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    Constitutional LawDeath PenaltyFeaturedFlorida Law

    Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Why Florida’s Proposal to Amend its Death Penalty Requirements Warrant a Renewed Discussion about its Mental Health System

    April 7, 2023By Mark Salnick

    In the United States, 27 states recognize the death penalty as a potential punishment for those convicted of a capital crime. Of those 27 states, Florida has recently been at the forefront of amending the requirements to sentence a defendant to death. Florida’s proposal to implement a supermajority standard for issuing a death sentence should […]

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