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    Founded in 1987, our scholarly journal is dedicated to the exposure and the development of novel legal issues through academic writing. A few of our volumes are available online for your convenience.

    Volume 31

    2018 - 2019

    Issue 1: Fall 2018

    Issue 2: Spring 2019

    Volume 30


    Issue 2: Spring 2018


    Delineating Defects: A Primer On Florida Product Liability Law

    30 St. Thomas L. Rev. 141
    Armando G. Hernandez

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    Volume 29

    2016 - 2017

    Issue 1: Fall 2016

    Issue 2: Symposium 2017

    Featured Articles

    The Shell Game: An Easy Hide-And-Go Seek Game For Criminals Around the World

    29 St. Thomas L. Rev. 185
    Idelys Martinez

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    Spring 2017 Symposium Transcript

    29 St. Thomas L. Rev. 131

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    Foreward: Civility and Professionalism in the Law – The Road to Justice

    29 St. Thomas L. Rev. 1
    Benjamin Greenberg and Gerald Greenberg

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