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    Balancing Florida’s War on Drugs with Constitutional Constraints

    March 29, 2022By Andrew Tuma-Waku

    On February 24, 2022, the Florida House voted and approved HB 95, which would make it easier for prosecutors to charge drug dealers with first-degree murder when a consumer suffers a fatal overdose.[i] This new bill was introduced to combat Florida’s ongoing war on drugs, as well as to deter drug dealers who “profit off […]

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    Constitutional LawCriminal Justice SystemFeatured

    Unplugging the Jury, Is It Possible?

    March 18, 2022By Massiel Alonso

    Is it possible to unplug a jury from the ubiquity of social media? I think not. When there is a criminal case with a newsworthy defendant, about 48% of Americans obtain information on the case almost instantaneously.[i] Notably, about 31% of the previously mentioned 48% of Americans rely on Facebook to deliver their news.[ii] The […]

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