Florida’s Controlling Summary Judgement Rule 1.510 (C) Contrasted With the Common Law-Created Rule Grounded on Two Conflicted Federal Cases
31 St. Thomas L. Rev. 1
H. Michael Muñiz

The “Feel” of A Case: Virtue Decision-Making As the Correct Approach for Deciding Cases in Equity
31 St. Thomas L. Rev. 17
Diego M. Pestana

The Successful Congressional Challenge of Executive Non-Enforcement
31 St. Thomas L. Rev. 55
Michael Melli


Defending Self-Defense: Why Florida Should Follow the Eleven States That Already Allow For Campus Carry
31 St. Thomas L. Rev. 89
Jennifer Garcia

Lethal Injection or Lethal Litigation: Florida’s Amended Lethal Injection Protocol Opens the Door for Cries of Cruel and Unusual Punishment
31 St. Thomas L. Rev. 111
Cynthia Ventura