By: Yesenia Alfonso, J.D. Candidate, May 2019, St. Thomas University School of Law.

As of right now, Nevada is one of the only states to have legalized betting on sports. The Supreme Court is reviewing the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PAPSA”).

When the PAPSA came into effect, many Americans were against sports betting. As time has passed, Americans are more inclined to accept sports betting. Fifty-five percent of majority approve the legalization of sports betting.

Why is fantasy football legal but betting on sports is not? Fantasy football is where players place money in the hopes to win big prizes based on the outcome of real world games.  Fantasy football sounds a lot like betting on sports. However, fantasy football is known to be “games of skill” not “games of chance”, making it legal under federal law. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 states that fantasy football is legal as long as people are not betting on the outcome of a single game or player.

Since around thirty-three (33) million people are playing fantasy football each year, which is very similar to sports betting, sports betting should be legalized. Many people enjoy the possibility of winning prizes based on the outcome of a sports event. When people have a prize to win, people will be enjoying sports a bit more. Even the NFL players are playing fantasy football. Twenty (20) players out of twenty-one (21) said that fantasy football actually helps the NFL League. Therefore, since fantasy football is helping the NFL league, the Supreme Court should legalize sport betting because sport betting will help even more.