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Call for Submissions: Fall Anniversary Issue
“Voice of the Voiceless”

The St. Thomas Law Review is pleased to announce our exclusive Fall Anniversary Issue submission track for Volume 30, to be published in the 2017-2018 year. This call for papers solicits unpublished papers that analyze controversial topics surrounding unrepresented and underrepresented groups in society.

The theme of the Volume 30 Edition of our Anniversary issue, “Voice of the Voiceless“, is to bring to light several controversial topics that are novel and have been subject to debate within the media and the legal community focusing on unrepresented and underrepresented groups.

At this time we are looking for scholarly articles that are at least 20, but no more than 45, pages in length, double spaced, but will also consider shorter submissions. We look for strong writing, well-reasoned analysis, and accurate footnote citations. We are professional, easy to work with, and produce high-quality edits.

Articles can be submitted through Scholastica, via this website or by e-mail. Please attach a cover letter and curriculum vitae with each submission.

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Published Student Articles

In academic law, the principal vehicle for the publication of scholarly work is the scholarly journal. In addition to our prestigious authors, our members are blossoming academic writers. Each year our members write comments discussing a novel legal issue of their choice. The following selected student authors unveil unique legal conflicts and present individualized solutions based on thorough research and in-depth analysis.


Unfair Foreclosure Process: Protecting the Tenants that Pay Your Mortgage

By: Dania L. Sancho

Governing Law

America’s Mental Health System: Closing the Revolving Door Between Hospitals, Correctional Facilities, & the Streets

By: Cristina Bianchi

Therapeutic Justice

Colleges and Universities: A Place to Get Away With Rape

By: Evelin Mac Clay


Sexting and the Fate of First-Time Offenders in Florida

By: Bernadette Guerra


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