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Volume 28 Issue 1
Featured Article by Attilio M. Costabel

The Children of a Lesser Jones:  Punitive Damages in Unseaworthiness

This article attempts an assessment of the contemporary standing of Jones seamen, focusing on one single, specific, and very narrow issue: whether punitive damages may be awarded in seamen’s claims for injuries or death caused by a ship’s unseaworthiness.

Volume 27 Issue 1
Featured Article by the Honorable Milton Hirsch

“Better the Mob and the Ku-Klux”:
A History of the Law of Search and Seizure in Florida

In recent years, the United States Supreme Court has adumbrated the drastic curtailment, perhaps even the outright elimination, of the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule. This article discusses the effect that the Florida 1982 amendment has had, and will have, on constitutionally-based remedies for unlawful searches and seizures in Florida.

Volume 27 Issue 2
Featured Article by Attilio M. Costabel

The UK Insurance Act 2015: A Restatement of Marine Insurance Law

Beginning in 1766 with Carter v. Bohem, the doctrine of the utmost good faith is fundamental to marine insurance. On February 6, 2015, the First Circuit decided Lloyd’s v. San Juan Towing and Marine Service, Inc., making the solemn announcement that “Although this court had not yet held that definitively uberrimae fidi is an established rule of maritime law, we do so now, thus joining the near-unanimous consensus of our sister circuits.” Not even a week later, the Queen gave Royal Assent to the Insurance Act 2015, containing the opposite announcement. This contrast may look ironical at first sight, but a close analysis of the Insurance Act and a view from a proper perspective shows, that it is not.

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Bitcoin ATM: A Criminal’s Laundromat for Cleaning Money

By: Mitchell E. Hyman
Scribes Law Review Award

Governing Law

Mixed Transactions for Goods and Services: the Need for Consistency in Choosing the Governing Law

By: Austin Bodnar

Avada Admin

Where the Sea Meets Land

By: Maria L. Catala

Therapeutic Justice

A Warmer Welcome Home: the Need for Incorporating Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Reentry Courts

By: Kelsey L. Geary


Law-Abiding Illegal Aliens: Paying Taxes for the Chance of Legal Immigration Status, or Not?

By: Giseli F. LeMay


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